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Meeting between travelers in Togo.

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Le 02 août 2016
Meeting between travelers in Togo.
Event organized by the Organisation Act for computer Science to gather the travelers of four continents being at present in Togo. It would be a moment of meeting, sharing, and of exchange to be known, the discussions concerning the cultures, the traditions, the realities concerning réligions vodous and myths of Togo. We travel to be informed, see what we have never seen and meeting people.
Place: (seat of the association) ADIDOGOME SOVIEPE not far from the bar AFRIQUE ONDE
Date : Friday 13th, August 2016
Hour : 18h00
Inform your friends.
Please confirm your presence by sending or by calling this number
(00228) 92 43 19 23 / 90 23 77 91
or mail /

Date of event

Il y a 2 années
Date : Friday, 12th August 2016

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