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Le 23 mai 2011
Je souhaiterais connaitre les bars sympas à Marseille. Plus particulierement dans le quartier d'endoume. Il n'y a pas de categories bar sur le site ou sorties. Je n'ai trouvé que restaurant & gastronomie.

Le Duke est LE bar de Marseille

Il y a 9 années
In my opinion, there is only one Bar in Marseille : Le Duke, 59 rue d'endoume, 13007, Marseille. You can visit their website : You will enjoy this place. Everything is perfect. The prices are average. Bartenders are professional and nice. It is open tuesday to saturday from 6 pm to midnight. There is a different Dj every night. Playing most of the time sixties rock and soul. I did visit Marseille few times and i never found a bar where i felt that good. Last time i went to marseille for a week, i spent all my nights there. I met more people there than in all my other parties, restaurants, bars in Marseille (I spent 6 month in Marseille last year). Le Duke is the place to be. like the french say "satisfait ou remboursé"

Lovely pub in Marseille downtown

Dream Thym
Il y a 9 années

I remenber that in this website one month ago (or something like that) somebody was searching for a bar in Marseille which proposes a brunch at anytime (I guess no later than 01:00pm) with lounge music (any other music will's hard to get both of them....brunch & music !).Is it the right place suitable for this guy ? (I hope he is still having a look at this site !...).


petit nice

Il y a 9 années
perso je suis fidèle à la terrasse du petit nice, le bar marseillais version tradi authentique et après on finit à l'art haché de l'autre côté de la place JJ (la plaine), terrasse ensoleillée toute l'année! et marché souvent...

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